Choosing a 3rd Party Certification Provider.

There is no dispute that certification can be daunting and sometimes very confusing, there are thousands of different certifications to choose from (i.e. product certification, management system certification, self-certification). Also, with the rise in demand for eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable products, and the increase in third party certifiers, many companies have created confusion either by becoming certified by less legitimate certification bodies or by making their own claims (i.e. through a self-certification scheme).

The ISO Certificate should not be just a piece of paper but something that should drive a culture of continual improvement and innovation within a business.

There are a number of 3rd Party Certification Providers around, with so many, how do you determine which one is the right one for you? There are a number of important elements you may wish to think about, this includes (but is not limited to):

  • Finding a 3rd Party Certification Provider who just ticks all of your boxes and is focused purely on compliance only
  • Finding a 3rd Party Certification Provider who understands the industry and the business you operate in
  • Finding a 3rd Party Certification Provider who adds real business value, value that can be measured and is focused on making the business more efficient and effective
  • Finding a 3rd Party Certification Provider who suggests improvements that are tangible and stack up from a cost-benefit point of view

When looking for a Certification Body, you need to look beyond just the cost. You may also like to consider other factors offered by the Certification Bodies (for example, industry expertise and specialisation, auditor qualifications and experience, customer service, local office support, availability of auditors and turn-around-time). You also need to be confident that the Certification Body is a JAS-ANZ accredited body and fits in with your overall business objectives and future priorities. When choosing a 3rd Party Certification provider I hope you will consider some, if not all, of the above factors.

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